Insolvency Law

As lawyers in Pretoria, we act on behalf of creditors and liquidators in insolvency and sequestration in South Africa inquiries.

  1. Liquidation applications of companies and close corporations
  2. Compromises in terms of Section 155 of the Companies Act, 2008
  3. Insolvency Inquiries and Commissions of Inquiry in terms of sections 417 and 418 of the Companies Act
  4. Proof of claims at creditors meetings
  5. Sequestration in South Africa of Trusts and Individuals
  6. Applications for voluntary surrender of a person’s estate
  7. Rehabilitation applications
  8. Offers of composition with creditors
  9. Advice on strategic corporate and personal restructuring
  10. Litigation in regards to Insolvent Estates and Companies/Close Corporations in liquidation
  11. Appointment as trustees in insolvent estates
  12. Appointment as liquidators of close corporations and companies
  13. Cross border insolvencies
  14. Applications to court for extension of liquidators’/trustees’ powers